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    Mission: Millenials + Careers + Conscience

    UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, was founded in 1946 in order to improve the lives of children around the world.


    The mission of UNICEF is protect the rights of children worldwide and to provide them with equal access to services and care so that they are able to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential.


    The mission of the GW Chapter of UNICEF is to promote and help in UNICEF’s cause through advocacy, education and fundraising.

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    Mckenzie Swain


    Mckenzie is a sophomore in the Elliott School, majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Human Services and Social Justice. She developed a passion in children's rights and education as she works at the US Department of Education. Beware when eating Mexican food with Mckenzie because she gets hiccups when she eats jalapeños!

    Nick Tyre

    Executive Vice President

    Nick is a sophomore in the Elliott School, majoring in International Development and minoring in Arabic. He is looking forward to experiencing opportunities beyond GW campus; Nick is excited to live and work on organic farms in Europe next summer!

    Brad Tait

    Vice President of Public Relations

    Brad is a junior in the Elliott School, majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Development. He has been working with GW UNICEF team for two years. Besides from UNICEF, Brad managed to complete an internship with The Borgen Project where he wrote articles which focused on global poverty and its solutions, and he raised over $700 for lobbying efforts to increase the Foreign Aid Budget in Congress!

    Ximena Diaz

    Vice President of Fundraising

    Ximena is a junior majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Development. In the past semester, Ximena studied abroad in Yanoundé, Cameroon and interned at a development NGO, Breaking Ground. She is excited to raise awareness on campus for children's rights!

    Michelle Christian

    Social Development Chair

    Michelle is a freshman student in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Biology. She is excited to increase UNICEF's reach on campus with social events! One of Michelle's experiences with children happened to be through the UNICEF club at her high school on UNICEF World Water Day, which made all students turn off their phones to provide clean water for poverty-stricken children and their families!

    Jordan Tannenbaum

    External Relations Chair

    Jordan is a freshman student in the School of Media and Public Affairs, majoring in Political Communication. Jordan is passionate about advocating for children's rights since high school as he was the president of UNICEF at Andover High School. Moreover, Jordan has taught programming to children for 3 years!

    Ana Vombergar

    Chair of Public Relations

    Ana is a freshman student studying International Affairs and Public Health. Before joining GW UNICEF, Ana volunteered to teach English to kindergarten students who had recently immigrated or migrated to the Cleveland area. She knew from her experiences at the school that she loves to work with kids and give them opportunities to thrive and grow!

    Gina Kang


    Gina is a sophomore double majoring in International Affairs and History with a concentration in Conflict Resolution. This year is her second year with GW UNICEF since last year she was the Website Chair. Knowing firsthand the work that the rest of the GW UNICEF teams do, she hopes to make it known to the friends and followers of the club. Gina is from Delaware and annoyingly proud of it because Joe Biden!

    Yara Al Tawil

    Website Chair

    Yara is a Syrian freshman student in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Economics and Middle Eastern Studies. Yara is very passionate about children's rights as she spent her high school years volunteering and working with children refugees at Caritas Hellas in Athens and at Empowerment Through Integration in Lebanon.

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